Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas day had passed, this was pretty fast huh. We'll next wait for 2012, a new year to come.

So what did I do for Christmas day? I finished cleaning my closet, and these is all I can do. gah.

 It took me some time to fix all these up because I'm busy doing other things.
Actually, those things we're not important like the mangas I've been reading lately.

"Need a girl" and "Cage of Eden". As I accidentally stumbled on one of a pop-up site. Thankfully it was not a virus. (but still be careful, my smartbro has been victimized) But those mangas are fun and exciting to read, especially the latter, I'm still not done till now. Pimples and acne are staying comfortably on my face, but I can't stop myself from reading.

Well the first is about a group of guys in high school students that wanted to have a girlfriend, well the usual, landian (chick flick) stories. The second are bout another group of students with some adults been trapped in an island as a horrible accident happened to them. There adventure were insane and mysterious, that's why I like it.

Back to my christmas day, I've been horrified with the large number of children caroling at night and begging for gifts at day. It was a frenzy. 
 We attend Misa de Gallo then spend the night waiting for Noche Buena at home, with, again, my mama, two dogs and seven cats.
 Mama cooked quiet a lot for the two of us. I made those refrigerated cakes on the lower left side. :D

I always do 6 cakes every year, 3 for Christmas and the other 3 for New Year. aahha. It was what only I can do, *sob. And my mom always complains how too sweet they are.
Also had quiet a treat. I'm full of sweetness, carbs and fats this holiday. I'm such a couch potato. Literally, staying at our sofa almost 17 hours a day. :O

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