Saturday, January 21, 2012

Anne Kelly

Yesterday is Anne's (or Kelly, as what she prefers), Hans' sister, celebrated her birthday. Timidly, I feel I'm obliged to give her a gift because of what they had given me last Christmas, but as usual I  have no budget to buy her one, so an idea popped on my head, why just don't draw her. It might also make my future in-laws impressed, striking two birds with one stone. LOL.

So I get her nicest photo from twitter and make use of it as my guide to draw her. I made it with watercolor.
From Anne's twitter
watercolor in paper, photosource: (Anne's Y-frog)
Through Hans I'll give it to her later, hope she'll like it. :) 

Also I have another oath to myself, I'll do a minimum of one artwork every week. :)

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