Friday, January 20, 2012

Papercut, injured kitten, gossips

I just got home, I think a lot happened within this day. From estimates class, that suddenly gave me an idea to blog Architectural words/terms to make this blog have an architectural touch in it. 

Then today is the "Acle" in which makes the student exposed to different topics and subjects that they would like to learn. And with Camille's strategic advertisement, we we're encourage to go to her organization's Acle, called papercut, headed by papercut's artist Albert "Badz" Magsumbol, whom an alumni in College of Fine Arts, here in UP Diliman.

It was hard but fun to do, if only we bought scissors and not using a rusted cutter,  have a sharp tool to use we would have a better product. By the way, me and Gelmer arrived late so we didn't catched up the important discussion part, too bad, though we still have met the artist and see his intricate fanciful works.
(1)Gelmer, with her butterfly souvenir from mr Badz (2)Camille, busy with her name art, too bad, I didn't took a shot of it, but maybe she'll post it in her blog (3)My souvenir is a snowflake :) (4)me with mr Badz (5-7)his works, amazing huh more at Papercut Philippines
Then after Acle, we headed to the Alumni Center to go duckpin with TFA mems and co-apps.
L-R: Nina, Christian, Sheena, Arvin, Lea, Klervin, Denise, Ayanna
 It's my first time to play that sport, it's like a bowling but the ball is smaller and has no holes in it. Any way, it was fun and after playing we decided to eat but accidentally I saw an injured kitten, in which at first I thought was a newborn, attacked by a bad stray tom cat. And I was shocked by this guys reaction, they urge to help the kitten, it was rare for me to have friends like this guys. Mostly, it was only me rescuing and fighting for the cats and dogs and animals, my heart secretly melted when I see their effort and ideas to do everything they could to save it.

But sadly, we failed to rescue the kitten, it was dead on arrival when we reached the vet. T_T

Bye "Cervix"--named by Klervin.
After the kitty accident, we ate siomai in a nearby street from my boarding house. We talked about random stuffs, from org/archi's gossip to showbiz to politics. ahhahaha.

Here's one of unending pinoy urban chismis legend we have talked about:
Robinson's snake

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