Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gravyfix for a fixed structural

Yay! I'm so happy about the result of our test in Structural class, I really didn't thought that I'll be able to pass our first exam, so for a mini celeb, Claire and I headed to Katipunan to eat at KFC but it's under renovation so we end up eating at Gravyfix. So far this became a habit for us, eating after 172 (Structural) class. :p

Its my second time here and still ordered the same chicken but different sauce. Still made me go for another cup of rice. I really cant go dieting. -_-

But we decided to jog here in UP every twice a week, not just to lose weight but also for a healthy living. :) And still planning to eat in a nearby new cafeteria after, oh what's the use of running?

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