Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Random, MOA eye, TFA, first internship, Friuli

Some random photos I got last week
L-R, T-B: Utoy's getting fat but he's currently experiencing a skin disease which we don't know where he got from, Crookshanks: he's a special cat (literally), Mama and Lemon hugging: miss them both, oh I miss home :(, a chocolate from a friend: has mint and this is the first time I appreciate mint in chocolate, yum.
Jan 14 (Sat): I'm applying for an org called TFA(Task Force Arki) and we had a bonding activity together with some co-applicants and members, It was fun playing games with them. Then later that day, me and Hans went to Mall of Asia to ride the MOA eye (patterned from the London eye), funny how some people, including Hans, quiver with this ride, it was nothing for me though I have fear for heights (or maybe I already overcome it?). But base on my theory, maybe it didn't creeps me a bit because the ride is covered from the air outside, so you won't feel that you might fall, unlike the common ferry's wheel, but that idea might be dangerous for this one because of its height, this was the highest ferry's wheel here in the Philippines.
Boo for the shared car: per car accommodates 6 people and if you want to be solo, you must pay for at least 4 people, which cost P150.00 per person and a ride takes not more than 10 minutes. boo (too expensive, it was like a 2 hours movie already).
Jan 15 (Sun): Because of my application in TFA, we are required to do a Sig Sheet, it was a thin book for your profile, org's profile, members and officers profile and signatures, accomplished tasks etc, that we need to fill up and pass to them that we'll be one factor to judge us if we passed the application process.
So I've decided to go for watercolor in designing my sig sheet, because I just miss using my manual skills, lol. And also inspired by Abbey, a tumblr blogger, I'll add her in my blog rolls later.
My first task: low rise model making
Jan 16 (Mon): Even though I don't have classes on Mondays I still need to go to Quezon in that day from now on, because I need to do my intern as payment for the workshop held by the TAO-Pilipinas, it was fun to be with co-YPs and TAO ladies and to work as well, but it means shorter stay in Cavite, I just miss home, mama and pets, if only I could commute everyday. But two-three (times two for back and forth) hours is impossible.-_-
L-R, T-B: 1 & 2 interior, 3 & 4: while waiting I took a photo of Nancy then Mharren and Alver, Friuli's table cloth,  Mharren's pesto, Alver's tuna and cheese?, Nancy's frappe and cheese pizza that Nancy and I shared
After work with my co-YPs they introduced me to their fave Italian restau in Maginhawa street, called Friuli Trattoria. Affordable and yummy, that's all I can say. :D

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