Wednesday, January 11, 2012

David in Manila for the Fourth time and nth time (hopefully)

David Archuleta, who else?

My happiness couldn't be measure when I found out that the gossip about David's comeback to shoot for a local channel here in our country is true. T'was like a rare scene to imagine, many were shocked about the news and we really don't know what did David thought of. Why did he choose to do this project? There were also some that says it was a wrong move.

But as a fan, we trust him and of course, what else can we feel, we we're so excited and overwhelmed to be with David's presence for 4 consecutive years, it was like. OMFG! We can be with him and will be able to watch him before his mission. I just can't express how happy and excited I was. Hope David will have a good time and this show will be a success. :D

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