Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Lost Vector

Hans, my forever subject, still undone, I should be in the blank space, but I'm so idle and I still need to study for Physics
It seems that I'm not that much doing art related stuffs lately and I found myself staring blankly, questions popping in my head "What am I doing here?" while in my Estimates class.

Archi for higher years became complex that sometimes, I thought why did I took this course? Is my passion fading of, or is it because of my environment?

Environment, in a sense not in school but because of my longing to be like the multimedia, art or fashion students whose blogs were full of pretty things that engaged my eyes.

Im longing for something artsy, and I compared my recent arts to those, it was a shame to even tried. So in my own reflection and thoughts, everyday, every minute, I ask myself, where had my passion gone to? What should I do?

The battle between myself will long til I dont know. So to soothe my self with this mess that my stupid mind generates, I drew Hans and tried this vector thing that has been everywhere.

I dont even know if this is enough to be called a vector art.

"Architecture please be good to me." -not just 2012, I'm afraid of what might become of me.

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