Sunday, January 01, 2012

My first post for 2012

Happy New Year!

Indeed a new year for all of us, everyone's optimistic and very positive that everything will be more bold, brighter and greater for them this new year ahead. I'm also hoping for my part, and I'm sorry I don't believe in that damn 2012-is-the-end-of-the-world. T'was like the jubilee year, that does mean that we should change for the better and be aware for everyone, everything and most specially God.

Well, well, I'm not a good writer nor an English speaker, and my post is getting longer. I just want to state some of my new years resolution:

  1. I'll be an EARLY BIRD.
  3. I'm NON-PROCRASTINATOR, everything that I do, is worthwhile and productive.
  4. I'm always HAPPY, no nega-vibes and more UNDERSTANDING.
Hahah, thats my basic reso, that's where, as I can rem, I failed last year, oh well, I'll stop now as I'll be starting to do my homework.

Happy happy New YEAR!


We still spend our new year in our home with my mama and our pets. Papa called infinite times from Africa, they have a mini celeb as they still have tons of works to do the next day. I miss papa. :(
 We just had some small media noche, in which I'm already sleepy and hungry that we had eaten 2 hours earlier before midnight.
 I'm so bored to death waiting, because I got connection problem and theirs no fun to watch in TV, so I bump into a can of Whiskas and gave it to my cats, they're domestic and not used to cat food so I'm surprisingly happy that they loved this treat.

The year came with still a loud cheers, fireworks, ear deafening music from everybody in our neighborhood. We had a great view form our roof top, if only I have a good camera, I could share to you the great sight I saw last night. It was fun to watch a lot of fireworks in the sky, from our neighbors in Cavite, Las Pinas and Alabang. I'm just scared to stay long because of fear of kwitis that might be heading towards me.
 After, the countdown, I thought I'll go straight to bed and sleep but I chose to do my homework, believing that if I start my year working, I'll be like this for the rest of the year. lol.
So I end up, sleeping at 3am and waking at 11pm, I even got a weird dream, I'm a cast of an obnoxious play, bout scandals and lesbianism, and in my dream I'm so timid to face the audience because of my swelling lips. And when I woke, I found my lips stock in the edge of the pillow, that's why it feels like it pouts.

Happy New Year again!

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