Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Before I get serious

Last week was spent unproductively but I've been with different people and I can say that it was a fun-filled week.
(c) Agnes (by Tassia), UP Fair (by Camille), my back (by Micah)

  • Feb 15 - we surprised Ag with a small handa, it was really fun to be with my friends from UST, it feels like I'm with my family. Then later that day we went to Tides and meet some of my old classmates and batchmates then overnight at Miguel's place.
  • Feb 16 - UP Fair Love Rage with Camille, Claire and Joan, I'm so disappointed to find out later, that Pupil performed after the band performing when we left, it was already 1:30 am and we're so tired that's why we can't stay too long to wait. :(
  • Feb 18 - UP TFA Consolidation party in 60s theme, I really love dressing up and we're happy that though rushed and hassled the party was a success. After the party together with Hans, as he also helped in sound system on our conso, we went to Trinoma to meet Ag, Sar and Kamel. Ag treated us with ice cream at 5 cows, yay!
Puti also gave birth to these cute puppies, we named them Peanut, Butter and Crunchy. ;)

 I also just wanted to share a photo of my baby Utoy, that doesn''t leave my side every time I'm in Cavite, here's my proof, while studying for Physics exam, as if he's also reading my book.
This week and next week we'll be busy due to our plate submission on March 2. But let's see if I can still update this blog, especially that this week, I'll celebrate my birthday and this coming weekend, Sar, Ag, Kamel and I are planning to go to B-side for an event chuchu. ;)


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