Saturday, February 25, 2012

Double 2

I turned 22 last Feb 23. Sorry but I just want to express my disappointment to people I expected to greet me and remembered what day it was, whatever their reason are, I don't think an 8 years or whatever infinite years we've been friends and now they're all so busy with their fucking PERFECT lives is not an excuse. That's why I hide my birthday in FB, coz that's what only made people remember each other's existence but delete your account and don't share a daily dose of your status and they will forget you. Or whatever, I think I now have a new life to focus on and I've realized who are the people I should prioritize. Excuse me for negativity, but this is my blog.

SOOOOOOO, what happened before, the day itself and after:
(c) photos 2,3 & 4 by Camille

  • Impressed with this old Kodak projector used in our Estimates class while discussing bout different types of modular construction
  • Pretty Jen gave us this yummy donuts when Gelmer  (whose birthday's last 15) and I treat our UP peeps in Katipunan.
  • One whole chicken for the 7 of us, I'm on a tight budget so this is all I can afford.
  • Birthday celebrants.
  • Gel drew me, such a sweet girl.
  • Later on my day, Hans surprised me, though half-expected I'm still delighted, he brought me this choco rumble coffee? flavored cake. I shared it with my roommates.
  • Camille did this effort paper-cut of my name, so lovely! <3
Phone calls, texts and greetings made my day, thanks guys for remembering! ^_^ Of course I thank God for giving me this life to be disappointed of but more of a life that I treasured and will prosper!


  1. I crammed your gift and greeted you late. IAMSOSORRY!!!


  2. Nyak, kayo nga lang ni Gel may gift eh! Thanks so much Dajayjay. HUGGGG! >:)<


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