Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cheesy, Psycho, Thai

One night while I'm narrating to my roommates my Archuleta experience, Georgia mentioned about this book by Bob Ong entitled "Lumayo ka nga sa akin", criticizing Philippines' entertainment industry. This is an eye opener on why this industry of ours lost its value because while reading the book I didn't notice that in between humorous lines you'll realize that it was actually true, it's really funny in a sense that you'll get disappointed why Filipino entertainment today end up this way. The aftereffect is I become observant with the local programs I watch on TV.
  Next, I was able to watched 3 movies for the past 2 weeks, it's my little way of distressing or maybe just my excuse to be lazy with my school works. First is the "Love of Siam" and "Friendship" both lead by Mario Maurer (Thai actor), I'm not one of his many fans here, but many youngsters and some old folks know him because of a sudden wide spread of his film called a lil thing called love (still my favorite among his movies), so maybe that's the main reason his other films also prevails.
Love of Siam is a story of two guys that fell in love with each other at a young age, yes from the day before their adolescence period and its too young to know one self's identity. I just realized maybe that's why a lot of third sex already knew that they don't belong in the first two sexes even though they try hard to do what the conservative minds called the "right thing". They just know it by heart and with some little help from their childhood sweethearts friends. :)
And I think Witwisit Hiranwongkul is more handsome than Mario Maurer. :p (c)
Friendship is a film about friends and love? Well, I'm sorry for the fans of this film but I think it has a lame story, though I can say that the female lead is really a pretty one.
Friendship (c)
Apinya Sakuljaroensuk the female lead (c)
And this is her real hair, also bushy and so cool though she's cuter with straight hair (c)
And lastly is the "Silence of the Lamb", I thought it would be boring and I don't have any idea what this movie is all about, but it was a mind boggling film. Kudos to Anthony Hopkins for playing the character of Dr. Lecter well.
Based on the novel of  Thomas Harris (c)

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