Monday, February 06, 2012

Confessions of a David Archuleta fan

I am extremely busy these past 3 weeks doing school related stuffs, internships and org application demands. I am guilty accomplishing nothing for David and I'm just dreaming and dreading to be an extra in his shoots or to even met him accidentally somewhere here in Manila. But all these daydreams are so impossible to came in reality. So as I promised myself and my small Archie friends, we saved our Friday and weekends just to see our idol.

And everything worked as what we vaguely planned, we even experienced new things we didn't expect to happen. Meet new friends, be part of groups, misunderstood, be part of shooting scenes and for the third time meet David face to face.

I'm so tired to narrate everything that had happened to us, but all I know is every time David sings he made me feel like I'm in heaven, gazing through his eyes made me forget everything around me and with his presence made me forget all the negativity.

I cannot express what I feel with words, my vocabulary is lame and I promise I'll testify my emotions through an artwork I'll make next weekend. For now, I'll post some photos of my adventures as a dedicated fan.

David as Josh Bradley
Both David's photos from 
Ate Rae and ate Lani
Me and a new friend, Kristoff, we're wearing the "Nandito ako" shirt given to us as contestant at the Grand Fans Day,  (c) this and last photo from Ate Lani
New friends, with Daphne, taken by (c) Clarisse
Acting contest, I'm second from the left, the most shameful and crazy thing I ever done as an Archuleta  fan 
I even found a vid of my silly performance: ahhhhh!
Acting with Eula Caballero
I bought another CD of David's The other side of Down Asian tour ed. even though I already have for the sake of meeting David.

And for the win, the consolation prizes I got from the contest and of course the golden signature of David.

Silk pillow, shirt, CD, poster and the sig in my phone. ;D
My ever so proud pink phone with David Archuleta's sign on it. :D My last souvenir  so far, this will be followed after  two years of waiting. >_<


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