Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Friuli's tre dark italian

Because Italian cuisine is really what I and my boyfriend's been always craving for,  after searching for my new boarding house, we headed to Friuli just nearby the last place we went to.

Still, they never failed to give me these awesome wonder, so I thought I must share  this hearty meal we had.
I ordered  this bittersweet drink to match the cold weather outside (I have this abnormalities and yes I'm so aware of that), the dark chocolate is perfect because it's not too sweet that might hurt your sweet tooth in every zip, the only problem is for a prize of 75, one glass is not enough for me.
Without any idea Hans took a risk to order this Italian soda, base on its appearance my expectation is it would taste like a lemonade, but I was wrong, the dark hue at the bottom gives a surprise taste. It's like a Sprite/7-up soda that has a kick of Mocha with it, really interesting and I say a must try with only a prize of 50!
IDK what formaggi means, but I assume it's cheese, this pizza as what Hans said, has some slight taste of a damage food, hahaha, and yes it was the blue cheese, combined with other 2 cheese and complimented with the unknown herb, making the pizza, oh so yummy! I also saw in one of their poster that it was one of their specialties. Don't believe in Hans, he's just not that into blue cheese. :)) Cost 180.


  1. Isama mo kami dito haz next time!

  2. Sige Sar! Malapit na bago kong bahay dun! ^_^

  3. Saan? :) kita-kits daw tayo nila Ag next next saturday. may pasok ka ba nun?


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