Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Pokemon Emerald Version

Pokemon is still alive, yes after 10 years of not evolving and capturing pokemons I reminisce my youth. I miss the adventure I had before, aiming to become the best pokemon trainer in the poke world!
So what is Emerald version? The setting of the game shows that after how many decades, I guess, a lot of new pokemon exists and some of the old ones became extinct. So expect new set of legendary pokemon, a new map, villains and new HMs. 
This is the new map, the region is called Hoenn and it's composed of 16 towns with 8 of it has it's own battle gym.

The game also has this new tag-up team wherein you could fight two individual trainers at the same time.
It also has a new feature which is the contest, wherein you're pokemon will  have this certain identity, either cuteness, smartness, toughness, coolness and beauty. A judge will rate your pokemon including audience impact. ahhaahah, so in order to win, your pokemon should enter the contest wherein he/she has strong points and also giving him/her a poke block will help to make them better in that trait. But don't worry this contest will be seen on the Liliycove city, the 12th city you'll gonna travel.
Another favorite new feature of mine is the HM dive, yes the new Hoenn region has some secrets underwater, it also helps you to travel without those annoying wild pokemons meddling your way.

 Of course every version has its own legendary pokemons, so here are the three legends here in Emerald ver. Rayquaza (green), Groudon (red) and Kyogre (blue).

I've researched when this game's been released, and it already exist for 7 years, I'm so lame. hahahaah, any way the game was not bad, I would recommend this for simple adventure lovers. :))

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