Monday, July 30, 2012

Friuli Friuli over and over again

I should get a sponsorship from Friuli for blogging their food for the nth time. :)))
 Before heading for a photo session we filled our tummy first with yummy food from our favorite Italian restaurant in Maginhawa.
I already tried this Pesto pasta, but for the sake of Hans, we ordered a plate of this tasteful herbful strands. And I'm glad, Hans liked it.
I also delighted myself with this cold drink called Habanera. It has strawberry syrup mixed with water to create a mild taste in your mouth, compliments the dominating taste of your food. But personally, if you asked me, I still prefer their Italian soda.
Then we go for Friuli's best seller, the Toasted Ravioli, Hans love the sour tomato sauce and I love the ravioli even without the sauce.
And last on our meal for that afternoon, is the Marinara, unforgettable, literally it stays in your mouth. And it was my first time to try anchovies in a pizza, so it's a bit weird for me, too salty than what I'm used to. So to compromise the taste, we make use of the remaining tomato sauce of the Ravioli. :))

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