Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Hiya! While my country is worrying about our present calamity, I'm here guilty and selfishly blogging about my inconsistency. Geez, but first of all, guys who are reading this, please pray for the Philippines, my people seriously need your help. :((

I also need your help in liking my entries in a contest I've joined held by a local bank, just choose with these designs I made and click the url below, or it would be better if you give your efforts on liking all my entries :):
Like on Facebook: Philippine Flag
Like on Facebook: Cliff
Like on Facebook: Edge of the Earth
Like on Facebook: Express Train
Like on Facebook: Flying
Like on Facebook: Glow
Thanks guys!

I spent some of my time editing my friend's, Alex, blog. Here is a print screen of her new layout, idk if she really liked it. >.<
What do you think guys?
 She's a good writer and rarely post photos so I make her header and background at first look grasping the attention but later a reader's sight will return to Alex's post with a clear text, black font and white background for an easy reading.

While spending my entire day slouching on my computer, here's a photo of my company, as usual.
Utoy, the sailordog. :D
As for consistency, I noticed how I creates my blog posts, it's so inconsistent. I don't know where to focus. sigh. Hope I could find a way to make my blog fruitful, interesting and unvarying. Meanwhile, I also considered posing different looks while our classes are suspended, but I guess it's not the best time to do that and my lazy ass won't rise from bed.

I made this last night, while getting ready for this week's school. Please click the HYPE button for lookbookers here if you liked it.

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