Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What a day

I don't know if it is normal to have these kind of problems with my current age (eeek, I'm writing this post while my skin feels thick as sauce. Imma take a shower later) and I just want to share how crazy my day is.

Still I woke up with pile of problems in my head, lighting exam -> thesis -> subject certification -> Palawan budget -> paying tickets -> asking permission -> everything -> etc -> etc

The same dynamic day every student is experiencing, especially in this time of the year. (Suddenly I miss my dogs, my distressors) Anyway, I'm impressed with this good taxi driver I encountered earlier. I'm timid to admit, but when I pay for my ticket, the money I brought is not enough. (damn additional charges, damn terminal fee. >.<) With no atm accounts, I don't know where to get money to be able to get that damn ticket. Then an idea suddenly popped in my head, for the reason that I really planned to hire a taxi to be able to go home, why not try to borrow from the driver. (eeeeek, yep I did that) So I met kuya, whom I forgot to ask his name, and he agree with the condition that I'll left my phone and get his plate number. Without further ado, I agree. (Hans is scolding me,  after telling him this story, he says "what if the driver is a bastard") I don't know why I trusted him, leaving my phone behind (my only phone). But thank God!!!!! Kuya is really a good guy, he didn't go and really a kind-heart to let a complete stranger borrow money from him. sigh. I'm really thanking God for these good Samaritans roaming the street. I wish everyone could spread goodness and resist evil.
my electronic golden ticket, *bow
After a stressful day of exam, adventure and talk I bonded with friends through food. First with Claire and Joan, then the rest of night with my roomates, Dayan, Inah, Chin and Faye. :D
Inah and Dayan
it's Dayan birthday so she got free milktea from moonleaf!! Envy much!
 HBD! :))
 vain shots with my roomies

Now, back to thesis!


  1. Room-mate mo si Chin Chan????!!! hahaha. orgmate ko siya.

    1. uu! Ouwwwwwww.....lagi kong roomate ang mga orgmate or dormmate mo dati, hahahhaha.

      Shocks, may captcha din pala ako!!!! Kala ko wala. X( kapal lang makapagreklamo ehnu. :D

  2. btw, i hate your captcha too. mag-disqus ka na nga! :P


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