Thursday, August 30, 2012

Puerto Princesa day 1

This day was filled with mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness. I'm not scared of airplanes, I'm just scared of the unknown, as it was my first time to ride one.

Our flight was scheduled at terminal 4 of NAIA, I bet most of Filipinos don't know where it was. It was the domestic airport, 2nd to be built among the four terminals but sadly gain the name fourth. :)) It's a small terminal but has an interesting column details, which I guess is not appreciated by the passengers because it's in monochrome with the rest of the building.
So back to our trip, we are bound to Puerto Princesa Palawan, and here comes the plane.
Inside the plane, I don't know if you could notice how sarcastic my smile is, I'm forcing myself not to think paranoid.

And off we fly, I saw a 3D view of Google Earth, very interesting to see the top view of Manila.

Luckily, we always got the window side, wee.
IDK, what island is this, but it's a perfect circle, and maybe it was a very famous tourist destination.

Hello Puerto Princesa! As we go down I met my client from DOTC, I'm overwhelmed by this people also with the CAAP people for being so accommodating.
Now doozing off, we need to do a lot of things by tomorrow.
Please hype for lookbookers out there, my look for going to Puerto Princesa.

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