Friday, August 31, 2012

Puerto Princesa day 2

Our second day is reserved for my thesis research, we first headed to Puerto Princesa's city hall. From airport, we rented a tricycle going to the Junction, an intersection of the Rizal ave (airport) and their national highway, for a ride with a multicab going to PP's city hall. Their is no jeep or taxis on what we saw so far, just private vehicles, tricycles with wide front and multi cabs roaming the streets of Puerto.
 This is a building near the city hall, the land registration authority. The city hall is quiet hidden.

 We had lunch in a carinderia nearby. We're not that adventurous with our taste buds, though I saw a seaweed made into laing, so we ate breaded pork. Call us corny.
 Back to the airport for some site ocular inspection, a heavy rain suddenly poured.
 We are stranded in this building and discovered the restaurant where we'll gonna eat tomorrow.
What's wrong with this building?
 Still raining hard, we didn't let the rain ruining our plans for that day, we still headed back to airport. And with the help of CAAP I was able to see the interior and even the VIP sections of the terminal.
Arriving passengers will be greeted with this huge signboard and waiting hotel and tour sales agents.

the CAAP office
my site, full of trees, below that mountain.
 Unluckily, I can't go to my site because according to DOTC's Engr Bubot, it was full of trees that I can't even see any views from there.
Done interviewing and data gathering, we now proceed to catch a glimpse of a free beach where we plan to swim by tomorrow.

J. Rizal ave
Pristine beach
 For only P20 entrance fee, you can enjoy Puerto Princesa's beach. :D

 Now off for some hearty meal. I'll blog it separately.


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