Friday, August 31, 2012


 According to Hans, he found out about this restaurant from a friend and recalled from a magazine he read on the plane while on our way to Puerto. The place is called Kinabuchs.
rag turned into a glass mat

 It has a hard rock looking interior, because of the alcohol and Harley Davidson motorcycle collections placed in this side of the bar. And at the same time the rattan materials seen from furnishings to the construction gives a feeling of resort vibe.

 We ordered shanghai rice, sizzling sisig, caldreta and banana split.
 Shanghai rice: just right, the platter serving made the two of us full.
 Sizzling sisig: this sizzling goodness is really yummy! I recommend it for those who wants to try eating here.
 Caldereta: Hans love it, but for me I'm off with the slightly tough meat because of my sensitive teeth, but Hans also somehow didn't like the potato, idk why.
Hans "nom nom nom"

And last for the dessert, we ordered banana split with mango, chocolate and vanilla combination, ice cream is always love. <3

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