Saturday, September 01, 2012

Puerto Princesa day 3

I woke up 6 am in the morning to urge Hans to go back to Pristine beach.
We bought our breakfast from a grocer last night and ate it on the sea side together with this fellas.
pack of dogs, owned by the beach care taker or owner
I took a panorama view of the beach while being so excited to soak on the water.


Then we proceed for some photo shoot for lookbook. teehee

It's already 10, so we need to go back to prep up for our afternoon flight. :(
The sea side of Palawan is mostly covered with mangroves, no wonder why the place has a lot of mosquito. But not to worry, I haven't see them, it's just been told by word of mouths. :))

Camera whores while waiting for the tricycle we contacted to fetch us.
The only con for going to Pristine beach is you need to hire a tricycle to be able to go there. It's worth P100 back and forth plus the P20 entrance fee plus P200 cottage, which sums up a total of P340. I have no idea for other beaches, maybe we'll try the others when we come back. :D

By the way, I end up choosing this set for lookbook, please hype, lookbookers. XD

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