Saturday, September 01, 2012

big flat bread

As an extreme pizza and pasta fan, after seeing this restaurant near the junction 1 of Puerto Princesa, we immediately decided to try the big flat bread.
I noticed that the interior is in fruity and modern look. 
We ordered, heart attack pizza, nibblers, spaghetti carbonara and their best selling beverage, the four seasons blast (?) added with some fruits on it.
 The heart attack pizza: geez, the cheese was so overwhelming, Hans requested for an additional melted cheese. I love how the sour tomato sauce was balanced with so much salty cheese on top, even the meat was so yummy. My mouth is melting right now as I reminisce how yummy this pizza is. :p
 Spaghetti Carbonara: Very creamy and so tasty. I want to have some more!! Geez, I'm getting hungrier.
 Nibblers: my favorite!!! But all of what we have ordered are actually my favorite, this potato slices are fried just right, with smooth texture inside while having a crispy skin outside. Even the saltiness is just right, you won't even taste the salt until you munch every piece completely.
The quencher: I'm not a fan of four seasons, but these mixtures tastes like they added something to make the juice not too sweet. <3
 After we empty our dishes, we took an evidence how we love our meal.
 Burp! So full!


  1. May BFB din sa amin!
    Chain pala siya? Akala ko sa amin lang meron ::P

    1. eeek, sana meron din sa Manila!!!! Sa Puerto, Basilan? at senyo lang daw yung branches nila. :(

  2. Yum... the food all looks rather nice. :)

    1. yes! Even after tasting it, you'll feel satisfied. :D


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