Friday, September 21, 2012

Black Light Dinner Party

While doing my thesis, to give me better working mood, I need good music to accompany me. So I stumbled upon a free music streaming site (Grooveshark), hit on random indie-techno-alternative rock playlists and discovered a few bands that now I love. Let me introduce to you my current LSS and one of my new favorite bands. :)
Black Light Dinner Party or BLDP is an American indie rock band. They are still not yet that well-known, but their music are already loved by many, IMAO. I also read an article featuring about their band in this online magazine. And it says that the band's "secrecy was not a cunning marketing plan, or even intentional—they're not pulling a Rhye—but rather rooted in the very personal reason they formed a band in the first place". 
Consists of four members with age ranges from 23 - 25
The song that I'm addicted to is one of their single entitled "Leave it all" - I just love the techno and the catchy beat that make me play them on repeat and even without my head set on, I can still hear it playing in my head. Sadly, the song still has no official music video, but here are two of the music by BLDP with official music video, it's also catchy and I particularly love the first vid:
Older Together
Gold Chain

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  1. Really - don't worry about the thing on the comment section... I've done the same thing numerous times by accident. :)

    I had never heard of Black Light Dinner Party, but now I am determined to find some time to check them out! Thanks for sharing. :D


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