Thursday, September 27, 2012

I am infinite

Hi, sorry if I rarely post here. I'm currently in a busy state (as if). But I noticed that I can't resist myself from writing every time I feel good or some pleasant things happened to me. As usual I blog about my personal life, which I'm still trying not to. LOL.

Anyway, I already missed posting a lot of things happened and I found interesting. Recap please? Ok.

  • Including in my series of unfortunate events was the thing that happened to my laptop, I need to replace my hard disc and it happened on the brink of my thesis deadline. Luckily, Hans helped me, in both providing laptops and helping me to do my paper. (we even did a pose of our couple shirt, lol. XD)
  • While concentrating on my deadline, Papa suddenly been called for his work. He's a seaman that is based on different parts of the world. Sigh. I miss him. (papa and mama at the airport)
  • I'm starting my business now, yay! (this shoes are not for sale)
  • Currently helping Ag for her thesis that is due this coming Saturday. (love her post its)
  • Sar is getting prettier. Is this how working girls turn into? :D (Notice, In, the cat at the background)
  • Hans and I tried Sophie's mom cupcakes, because my x and also a friend now is working here as a chef. And it's delicious! (Yeah I'm plugging, so thank me. :)))
  • We had a field trip for Housing class. (Bilibid to Portofino to Bonifacio Global City)
And today is our 27th months, yeah I know we shouldn't get too excited in counting. I'm just sharing, ok?
 We watched Perks of being a wallflower, I love Emma and now I'm liking Logan. ehheeh, he quite reminds me of David Archuleta on his act as Charlie. <3
 But while waiting for Perks, we ate first at Hans fave donut shop.
Also, today I had my first meet up for my business, I actually felt mixed emotions, from kilig to kaba. LOL. I just do hope my buyer liked what she bought. >.<

Ok back to work.

Before working, here are some small reviews bout the book and the film: "Perks of being a wallflower"

Book: While reading I thought it was just an ordinary diary made by a kid. But at the last part of the book, suddenly I understood the main character, wherein I had flash backs of his letters reflecting what I have read etc and connecting with the revelation I learned.

Film: I admit that I'll be biased with this statement due to I already read the book before watching the film. As the usual dilemma of book turned into film, you'll get too particular of your personal fave scenes that has been excluded in the film. But still the overall filmography is beyond on what I've imagined. I love the vintage and hipster look of the setup, characters, clothes, acting, etc. I'm a 90's kid lol. :D

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