Friday, September 28, 2012

Electric Guest

One of my new found love is the indie rock band named Electric Guest with Asa Taccone giving a show off of his dancing abilities in the music vid of their single "This head I hold."
Gosh. I love the song, it's so catchy and groovy. Add to it the high pitched voice of Asa. LOL. I noticed that there are some songs that is sang by a different voice and I assume that it was the other member singing. I also learned that they've been guesting on some TV programs on America, like the Late Show with David Letterman.
from Asa and Matthew
I recommend this band for techno, psychedelic pop, indie lover. Their debut album Mondo has a nice set of songs, I assure you! :D Another current favorite is troubleman. <3

Here is another music vid entitled American Daydream:

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