Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lazy Wednesday

Drum roll. One of my goals for this break are the following:
☑ haircut
☑ clean nails
 clothes, shoes and bags catalog
 clothes revamp

And one of the major tasks in my list is my hair. Gosh, IDK why I'm having some regrets on doing this. But what can I do, it's been done. :X

Here's also my trial in nail art called color blocking? It's a french tip used with black tip and different neon base. It's kind of messy, but I'll do it again next time and maybe do some tutorial.

Next on my list is cataloging my closet. Here's a peek of my (again) messy room.


the flash hurts my eyes. tehee

vain shots alert! Yikes!


clumps of hair. bye bye.

I want to do something on my wall. :<

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  1. you look very cute with your new haircut! :-) and i see a lot of your sketches on your door :-)

    take care and God bless, hazel! ❤ :-)


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