Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Freedom finally! I ended my sem with two exams held exactly at the same time, what does it mean? My two subjects with the same prof scheduled our exam at the same  time and day so I acted ala Hermione by using the time turner. Kidding. It was crazy, I hurriedly finished the other one before heading to my other room to take my second exam, to think that it was both structural subjects. I'm just hoping I did well, even on my other subjects. (*praying)

On the other note, our college had a Grad photo shoot last Saturday. It was the best feeling, especially at the part where we wore the "S A B L A Y". The magical sablay. For my foreign readers, it's a trademark, if you see someone wearing those it just mean that he / she came from our school. So I was feeling bold to have the opportunity to wear one. It was magical. And here's a small glimpse of my creative shot. We are still waiting for the raw shots. I'll post it here immediately once I got them. :D

Also we pass by Forever 21 for some window shopping. I love every clothes that they have. Hans has the habit to cover my eyes every time we passes by the store (or other same type of stores) because I can't resist to go inside and crave for their stuffs. But I noticed that some of their outfit doesn't give justice with the price they have. Some of those expensive ensembles can also be seen on thrift stores. :))) It's not that I'm criticizing the shop, I'm just on the practical side. But still I love Forever 21. I'm eyeing on this floral wedges by the way. It's outdated already, but I still want to have this pair on my closet. But for now, I just bought their pink bow headwrap. I just fancy ribbons. :D

I'm also thinking of cutting my hair, though it took a long time before I got this length. I'm so indecisive. :/ - but after 1 hour of thinking I already cut my hair, will post about it tomorrow.

Wuwu the fan vs Hans

We met a fella while on the middle of our photo session. Hans even thought of bringing this tiny creature with him to his home.


  1. Dropped by. Cute pics ^^
    x, Lara

  2. Thank you dear. your shoes, are so cute!

  3. (technically they're not yours, but I really think you should buy them!)

    1. haha, yeah, I'm going to buy them soon, once I have money. :))


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