Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Memories in Paco

Happy Halloween!!! We went to Paco park which is also a cemetery before in the middle of the city. These place is also used to be a hang-out area of my parents when they were still dating, and now I also bring with me my date and I realized why they love to go there. 

I took a lot of photos around the area, but failed to catch some extraordinary premonitions or whatsoever. What I've discovered is how Hans can look so good as a model, maybe we could try to do some shots together, like the local blogger couple "Love Chic"? :)))

Also included in this post are shots that we've tested, like how to do the focus shot for digital camera, etc. 

I also wore a skirt to feel girly and a comfortable top due to our country is located in the tropics and match them with a colorful shoe to break the monotonous flow and to show how quirky and fun I am as a companion. LOL.

Hope everyone will have a good night in celebrating Halloween.

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