Sunday, November 04, 2012

Para po!

Sometimes I'm having a hard time to pull out a look. If I'm lacking inspiration I have this attitude of copying? or dressing up like the last well-dressed lady I've seen - mostly on TV. So this look was the product of a group of girls I saw on a local channel wearing high-waist shorts.

Then I will think of the things I must consider to have a perfect look. The place, activity, mode of transportation, who I'm with and span of time. Yeah, seems not that obvious for all the readers who personally know me. But I'm quiet particular with the way I look. Then after having THE look, I need to pass a sharp eye to be criticized before going out of the house. Obviously, it was my mom's. If I consider myself fussy, mama is a perfectionist. She's a look nazi. It may take an hour before I can pass that stage. haha. So I might say it is also one of the reason I'm 30 minutes to an hour late. LOL.

So this look was taken in a waiting shed in my university. We are devastated to find out that our efforts turned into waste. So we just took some small shots in this area. We also took the opportunity that there are a few people roaming around the campus.

I also love that the day ended with some cupcake tasting? haha. We just woke up one day and found ourselves in love with cupcakes a midst of trying so hard to lose weight, but we oath to stay away from eat-all-you-cans from now on.


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    1. Thanks gurl! I'm done with my drawing of you. Wait lang. :)))))

  2. Miss, miss, ang ganda mo po! :))))

  3. Miss, miss, ang ganda mo po! :)))) - Hans

    1. hahahahha, kaw talaga. :)) Dalawa pa talaga ha. I love you!


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