Sunday, October 28, 2012

Room Disaster

Done cleaning after one week of slow progress. Geez. From shoes to clothes to my accessories. HA! :D

I also found this headband from UST. Go growling tigers! Funny how I know the UST cheers and hymn while I don't know anything for UP. :(((

Also here's a photo of my little companion, been kid out by mama, by placing her inside my bonnet. #cutiepie

I'm thinking of explaining what I've done, but I guess there's nothing new on what I did. Maybe just the box of shoes placed with photos outside for us to know which shoes we would like to wear without taking everything out. ;)

I also separated my tops from preppy and glam. Mmmm, I have personal preference for those two terms so that I could easily distinguish the look I want to pull.


  1. So many shoes, I wish I had that many! That's a neat way to organize them.


    1. Oh thank you! I also got that idea from a mag, I guess, some years ago. :)

  2. you have a lot of shoes and clothes!!0.o


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