Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the underlying consequence of recklesness

 Today on our film class, we had a mini party, jus chillin out, drinking, eating, meeting new people. LOL. I really adore our prof. I also think I'm falling in love with him. LOLOLOL. I'm just disappointed I didn't had the chance to get a small talk with him. :) :(

LOL. Anyway, today is technically our last day due to our generous profs' decision of not having classes tom and on Friday {which is our university's lantern parade}. Yay! Though I'm a lil bit sad that I wont be with Sar and Ag on that day, I'm still looking forward to be with my bitches.

Blah, I need to finish this now to continue my thesis, so at least I was able to consult my design schematics to other adviser and I can confidently change the stuffs I didn't see or were wrong. So go Arki peeps!

Side note: the sketches on the photos are (first) my doodle while watching "Diablo" on Film earlier and the rest are my conceptual sketches for my thesis.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you all that if I developed my skill in criticizing film this semester, I might return my film reviews, I just realized how shallow I look into films before.

Side note on the side note: UP oblation run will be happening also on Friday 12nn. geesh I wanna experience no, I wanna see it! :))

Also here's an interesting vid I saw earlier on our Art Studies class, it's about pop music's use of the same 4 chords. 


  1. Your doodle art is lovely! This bow is too cute :3

    Aree With Umbrella

  2. yay it seems like you had lots fun! <3
    i love your posts <3 it's always so creative !
    and i love your new lay (:


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