Thursday, March 07, 2013

A splash of Comeback

Hi guys and gurls! Did you missed me? I'm finally done with the very crucial part of my thesis life, but not with my academic life. So to award myself for finishing that part and also at the same time to lessen the stress in my veins, here I am back to blogging business.

I should post some recaps on what happened on those days I'm gone.

So anyway, my comeback post is composed of outfit that suits the summer heat. The clothes below are part of my plan to be worn this week, but unfortunately I'm getting fatter than what I have expected so I need to change some of my chosen pieces and seriously I really need to control my appetite. Oh my passion for food be gone.

 Pastel everywhere!

In my opinion, the ideal garments that fit this coming season are splash of pastels in fabrics made of shear or any light weight materials. It is also ideal to wear comfortable and loose sized base on your body type. I also love the trend that is currently happening, where Aztecs or geometric patterns are paired off to give attitude or impression in any type of ensemble.

Here is a photo of my room's curtain, though it's not in the two prints I have mentioned earlier, but look how lovely the patterns and colors are. <3

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