Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013 fashion trends

I've thought of posting the 2013 fashion forecasts I've gathered from googling. I know almost a quarter of the year had already passed, but for me this year is still a long way to go. So anyway, here's one of the designs I've recreated base on my research. If I have my own line, this might be my collections for this year. :))
 Due to the trend of nostalgia that is going everywhere, reviving fashion from the 90s down to the 70s came into picture for the fashion world. This year is the year for the 60s. And mini dress is the trend for that decade. In my drawing, I designed the dress with pastel colored zebra prints, that also look like geometric prints, in which animal prints and geometric patterns will still be the craze for 2013. But because I'm really not into dark colored animal prints I improvised to make it look young and fresh.

I'll post the other sketches on my next posts, as my lazy ass have been distracted on watching the Moonrise kingdom, which is I'm still halfway on watching it. Thanks to my as lazy as I am internet connection. Now I haven't finished anything. And I need to go now to my friends birthday blow out. Xiao.

{After 6 hours}

Im back! And I'll finish watching this film, while doing my other designs. I'll try to study sewing so that I could do this sketches and maybe, someday, produce and sell stuffs that are created by me and not just from thrifting. <3

{after 12 hours}

Sorry, I slept and distracted by another movie entitled "young love" and now "Anna Karenina". I think I'll post more of my sketches on my next post. I now need to go home to our house in Cavite but I'm still waiting for Hans to fetch me, lol.
Anyway, the two additional dresses are overlapped with bokeh photos I got from the internet. Just key in bokeh and they'll appear immediately. As you can see galaxy prints are having a farewell for 2013. It's very evident that photography also affects fashion lately.


  1. Read your post after a very long time :) Great sketches :)And galaxy prints are my favourite!
    Areeba @ Aree with Umbrella


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