Friday, April 05, 2013

DIY: Customized Stickers

Here is my only way to avoid doing my school works. I feel that it was already vacation after the holy week. But our school won't let go of us that easily. I've been longing for summer vacation....

Anyway here are my stuffs that I revamped as I'm thinking of just putting already made stickers from my collection, but I have no strength to use one of them and ruin my collection that I had way back my childhood years:
 PSP case

  • satin texture with 80 gsm Sticker Paper
  • alcohol based Markers
  • scissors
  • pencil and compass for guide

 First step, use your guiding tools to draw your desired shape, size and design to be put in whatever you like. For my case, I'm lazy to get the exact measurement so I did it by estimating the shape and size I needed.
 Second, get creative by using the markers.
 Lastly, cut and stick it on your things. And voila customized stickers for a new look!

Also here are some photos from my sticker collection:


  1. O<G!they're so pretty! I wanna try masking one too kaso wla naman akong matinong phone sa ngayon kaya kebs ko nalng hahaha
    I will really try this one!

    love lots,

    1. Try it on your other stuff. Ginawa ko nga sa phone ko yan kasi panget nya. haha.


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