Monday, May 27, 2013

bucket list

Way back 2005, I don't know what bucket list is, I just knew that there are things that I wanted to do / try with my life. As Hans and I browse over my very scrapy book (from high school), I remembered that I have that list, and I placed it here to see if some had already been fulfilled or failed:
1. Travel around the globe 

2. Do belly dance ~ almost if I wasn't able to graduate last academic year

3. Learn to play the piano  I give up

4. Discover never been to restaurant / foodshop with the boyfriend we're currently working on it

5. Do bungee jumping

6. Do wake boarding ~ almost, but we're planning to do this soon

7. Wear clothes designed by me ~ ugh, still learning how to sew >_< 

8. Take up Engineering course outside the country ~ no more engineering for me, but maybe studying abroad
9. Do scuba diving

10. Be a church choir ~ whut? WHY?

11. Be a great dancer ~ OK?

12. Design David Archuleta's and Daniel Radcliffe's house 

13. Collect Blythe dolls

14. Ride an air balloon

15. Do water rafting

16. Fly a kite  ~ already did this in my childhood years, why do I still have this on my list?

17. Be a model ~ OMG WHY?

18. Direct an MTV or short film

19. Daily update on my own website ~ working

20. Earn a degree at Zurich Institute of Technology 

21. Be a PAWS member ~ almost, if my mom didn't stop me

22. Become a vegitarian

23. Learn Wicca


  1. LOVE IT! I wish I had kept my first bucket list to see what is still on it!

    1. haha, u shud, because sometimes we forget what we dreamed before.

  2. Wow, I just found your blog and first thing I ,lick on was this.... I am not that old but still have dreams and hopefully one day I will be able to be happy and successful.... Good luck to you;)


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