Sunday, May 26, 2013

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 Hallo, I'm a fresh graduate seeking for a job for me to be able to complete the requirements needed for the board exam. Because I'm still searching for a decent work, I made my room a lil artsy fartsy for me to feel that I'm an artist, lol (feeler), and to fill up the time on my side.

collection of bottles, I just love their differences in terms of silhouette

the last toy, my parents bought for me

I don't like eating strawberries, but I love how it looks

my friend Camille, went to Baguio and bought us some souvenirs and I got this. I'm amazed that I look like one of National Artist BenCab's painting.

It's a washi tape, but doesn't look like one

My fascination with cuddly toys

the sunflower that signifies my years in college

my inspiration wall
And as I browse for items that I can pin on my board, I returned to my kept memory box. And I found these stuffs, that made me miss my very simple and innocent high school life.
my school uniform necktie

I can see how loved I am through letters from friends

a gift from my bestfriend


  1. Cool and cute!
    words that I can describe your art board :)
    I wish I have one too
    my room is too small to even have it's own art board hehe
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    love lots,

    1. Oh sure. Hope I could win this giveaway. Thanks for inviting me. <3

  2. absolutely lovely! great items :)

    ANECIA WAS HERE- more than passion ♥
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  3. I spot Nutella <3

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    XOXO, <3

    1. I think I already joined that, thanks for the invite tho. :)


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