Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The mediator (shadow land) by Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot is well-known for her Princess Diaries series. But I passed by an article in a seventeen magazine showing a glimpse of a part of her novel the mediator, and that's how I got to know about this unusual novel. I got interested about the story of a girl whom extraordinary and has the ability to see ghosts and help them which is what the novel's been named of. Mediator means somebody that acts as a medium in transferring lost souls from our world to another world. And the twist is, she fall in love by one of this hot ghost haunting her room.

Well this interest of mine with this novel vanish for how many years until I pass by this second hand book store and saw that this is also a series, but I wasn't able to buy any one of them. Luckily, my room mate in my boarding house heard my interest in this book and she had those, but she admits to me that she's not that interested with it, because maybe according to her she doesn't like teen flicks stuff. But as I read the first installment that she lend me. Oh gosh, I wanted to read more.

So here's a summary of the first installment. The story is about a teenage girl named Suze, gifted with an extraordinary skill of being a mediator. And she's full time in performing her career so that's why she's been used to be alone and anti-social, having only a friend, even though she's a pretty girl described by her mom. But her life changed as they moved from east coast to west coast due to her mom's new husband living in California. It's been a new adaptation for her, felt kind of lonely of living her only friend in New York plus adjusting with a new 3 brothers with different personalities. But she didn't know that just for a 2 days of studying to her new school she's gonna be popular in her campus. Plus with a bonus of a hot Latino ghost named Jesse haunting her bedroom whom she got friends to. This goody good ghost helps her by saving her life in times of troubles she got of performing her job. But the only problem she got from her new school is a girl haunting their school. This ghost is a former student whom commit suicide because of a break up with this another hot guy named Bryce and later on gonna be interested with Suze after she saved his life. Suze gonna have a hard time with this ghost because of the rage and revenge it wants. But she gonna be able to put it in its right place in the end. And it's gonna be a happy but hanging ending, I'm telling you.

I just hope I gonna be able to read the next installment. Geez.

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