Thursday, December 16, 2010

Organic Architecture and Modern houses

I was searching for some inspirations on our ARCH55(Tropical design) subject, and I found this book entitled "Modern House" by John Welsh. My target is to find a residential house that is interesting, unique and truly modern and as I skim the book I found this interesting house, called the Price house designed by Bart Prince.



And as I read the content about this house and Prince I realized the house is one type of Organic Architecture and also Prince is a student of Bruce Goff, whom a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. That's why I wouldn't wonder when I read it on how amazing Prince is.

The house is made from wooden shingles on some outer and inner walls. With unique form and shape and has floor levels that are protruding towards a nearby sea, giving each level a view of the ocean.

Also I read that Organic Architecture is an updated interpretation of vernacular. With two stated aims:
  • A counterweight to the neglect of context by pure white modernists.
  • Individualism opposed to the sometimes anonymous geometry of the Miesian Pavilion.

I also scanned another book about modern residential spaces entitled "Infill: New Houses for Urban sites" by Adam Mornement and Annabel Biles. Interesting houses specially those that can be found in Japan.    


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