Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blue and Yellow

Yeah, I have decided to create something like this, why not pose and show off my everyday style as I'm studying in a no uniform university. Because honestly it's a waste of time dressing up to look good yet you'll gonna wear it just in an hour or so, which happens to me when I only have one class in a day. So it's better to share it with my "readers" if I have one. :)

Every week I'm having a hard time to choose the clothes I'll wear for the whole week also I had a lot of clothes that I already forgot to wear or worst never ever been worn, so after this Holiday vacation, and it's a newly 2011 year, I've thought of having a concept or inspiration for my every week choice of clothing. It could be an idea, bag, shoes, color or a person. Sadly, this is my third week so I missed the two weeks but it's alright at least I have come off with it right now.

I've been inspired regarding sharing my style in the site lookbook and by these two lovely women Tricia and Crissey, whom also best friends,showcasing incredible fashion sense. But I admit I'm only using my laptop's webcam so it's blurred plus I took it with an artificial lighting so here's the product. *tantanan. But I thought it's alright at least I can practice my pose and my editing skills, hahhaha.

Here's the look, this week I'm inspired by my blue nail polish, it's really nice to be paired up with yellow so my clothes and accessories for this week has yellow or hues of yellows in it. Here is my first day.

We are on a tropical zone but we are having a chill with our temperature, it's really unusual for our climate but good thing with this chilliness outside, I was able to wear my yellow cardigan, pair up to my black cat shirt and a yellow shorts. With my yellow hues accessories and a pink bag to incorporate contrast in colors.

I'll be showing off my clothes for the rest of my school days for this week on my next posts.

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