Thursday, August 04, 2011

More more for Pottermore

I'm so tensed when Hezel (my friend I'm with in David Archuleta post) tweeted me that he was already registered in Pottermore, and ate Lani (from DA post too) texted me that it was already closed. She mean for day 3, so I was like, "Damn! What am I doing?" So I hurried to our school library to gain access from our free wifi.

And there it is, "Day 3 registration is already closed. 7 books, 7 days, 7 chances. From July31 to Aug6." So from 1pm I waited for it to open, my instinct says that maybe they had considered British time, but it's already Day 4 in London. What the heck?

I waited. waited. waited. Attend to my 5pm-7pm Design class, waited again in the lib, go to my Boarding house, borrowed my roommate's modem. waited. waited with the pottermore-waiting-tumblr people. And by 1030pm, while reblogging some Big Bang theory's in tumblr, "Day 4 registration is now open!"

I hurried to answer the clue to the Magical Quill, Google chrome didn't cooperate because of Ad blah vlah settings, but thanks to Mozilla and Internet Explorer, I was able to hunt the Quill!!

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