Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Allure for boots

It's been a long time since I post something like this. Ok the insecurity and lack of confidence is still here unless I have a sensible camera. But just to try and to share something, just endure what I only have.

It's not a good feeling after traveling for 2hours and half and then you just spend an hour in school. I should have stayed home, if only Physics is a joke.

So to lessen my annoyance I just took a pose while I'm alone here in our room.

Beaded tank top, white flowery sleeveless, maong shorts and Landrover boots
Im just excited to wear my boots so I planned to wear it for this week. :D

And oh! I remember, tomorrow is a holiday so Hans and I are planning to stroll around QC circle, I've never been there though I always pass by on my way to school. Now I have something to look forward to, as exchange for my disappointment. Chos!

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