Monday, November 28, 2011

Landrover boots

My mama and I had this routine of going to Baclaran every once or twice in a month. We both love cheap goods and stuffs, so Baclaran is one of our favorite shopping areas. And earlier we accidentally seen a thrift store selling vintage shoes from combats to oxfords. So I didn't expect that through kidding my mama while fitting some of the boots, she purchased me one of those.
We choose this beige land rover boot because my mama said it makes my legs whiter than what my color really is. Alright just listen to mom's advice. But I pretty loved it too. :) I'm inspired with my friend Sar and Ras, as I seen them wearing boots and as well the fashionista bloggers I randomly or habitually stalked, like Saab Magalona. :)
Saab as the main endorser of Black Sheep
My boyfriend, Hans, asked me how do ladies wear boots, as he was somewhat surprised that I bought one, here's what I shown to him, got from lookbook.
Can be worn with short shorts and a loose top
And much surprisingly, and I love, can be worn with a dress. 
 Also here's a random shot of my dog Lemon, trying out my shades. Just to show Lems being a fashionista pet. :p

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