Saturday, November 26, 2011

Florals, Cheesecake, Amatriciana

As celebration for our 18th month together, Hans and I ate at Cafe Mary Grace as I always tell him how good and delightful their pasta and cheese roll and cakes and iced teas and everything are. :D

We're also planning to shop something for my mama's birthday and we end up with this adorable orange roses, that (according to the storekeeper) came from Holland. (Did I heard it right? It's a country that starts with H. haha)
We look like a couple at courting stage, haahh
 At Mary Grace we ordered Pasta Amatriciana w/ meatballs, base on what Sar had last time cos it was so mouthwatering, cheesecake and of course GRILLED CHEESE ROLLS! 
Hans, maybe thinking how long our order will be ready

:P Hans took me a single photo for about 2mins, my smile just fade away. :O
 Now here's our order!
 Their cheesecake is still heavenly, it melts in my mouth, I really love its lushness and mushiness.
Hans, "nomnomnom"
 I forced him to try the GRILLED CHEESE ROLL and as expected he LOVES it!
Pasta Amatriciana
 Here's the pasta Amatriciana with meatballs, the combination of the sauce and meatballs is appetizing and the garlic bread on the side balances the strong taste of the two. Still LOVED!
Hans' meatballs.
"Your mine"-Hans,
"No! Please don't eat us!"-meatballs(trembling with fear)
 Hans said he has this habit of setting aside the meatballs until he finished all the pasta and garlic. While me, I rather combine the pasta and then later on make use of the garlic bread to scrape all the left over sauce on my plate, all clean. :)

Hans verdict (10 is the highest, 1 lowest):
Pasta Amatriciana - 9.5
Cheesecake - 9.7
Cheeseroll - 9.7

PS. I had a lot of compliments today, including from total strangers, about how they like/love my dress. Eeek, thanks. :D

Actually they we're praising my bolero, they just thought it's a one whole ensemble.

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