Monday, November 21, 2011

Mich Dulce

I first seen and heard bout Mich on PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) Celebrity edition. She's a Designer and Corsetiere, as what I read on about her tab. But what I know is she's a fashion designer, concentrating on hat designing. She can always be seen wearing cool fascinators match with her black curly hair.
Mich Dulce
As I'm editing my sidebar for the blogs I stalk, suddenly while thinking bout fashion, Mich just popped in my head. Because I love hats, I also love that someone like her designs hats here in our country. As only a few designers focuses on hat making, maybe another factor is only few appreciate hats. So I googled her and as lame as I can be, though she's one of the Pinoy designers I like, I just seen her blog and site today. She even launch a collection of Spring Summer 2012 at London last September.
Mich's Spring Summer 2012 collection
Now I added her in my list of sites I stalk. :)

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