Saturday, November 19, 2011

This guy just turned 24

my guy, Johannes Lorono Catalan

Happy birthday to my dearest Hans, he just turned 24 yesterday, we celebrate his birthday with his family. But first we have this mini celebration before we go to his house.
Siomai, kikiam, french fries, gulaman

We always meet at Alphaland, Magallanes everytime I came from UP, but we got hungry and craved for street foods!! Lololol, siomai* is still the best!

I give him a book support, I even don't know what its called, but it's a cool cheap stuff as now I'm broke, as always. Hope it will be useful for him as he's a book lover.

*Siomai House to be specific, there chili is bearable and there siomai's the best I've ever tasted, so far. ^_^

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