Tuesday, November 01, 2011

YP Workshop 2011 Day 1 and 2

Oct. 19-20
I wasn't expecting anything and something great will be happening in our workshop, my first aim before entering is just for exposure about planning or building something for a poor community and have the internship as payment for our participation that will be counted for my board exam.

But all my expectations was greatly met that I even experienced so much fun in which I really didn't thought. 
TAO Pilipinas is a women-led non government org that provide technical assistance to the urban poor, every year they have this YP workshop with the aim to enlighten young people in the field of Architecture, Planning and Engineering. Through this workshop they help us students to have social awareness that will later on might be our own mission too.  
Our day 1 and 2 was spent with informative discussions, if only I could post all our lectures here I would, it was very helpful on my field, maybe I'll share some of it on my later posts. We held our seminar in Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority(FPA) inside Bureau of Animal Industry along Visayas Ave.
We thought we went there to just help but we didn't expect that we will be pampered. We ate 5 times a day and we really experienced good food and accommodation. :> We stayed in Bureau of Soils and Water Management just along QC circle and I stayed in a room with Tina, BS Arch-PUP, and Sarah, Environment Planning-Miriam College, at first I thought  it would be hard for me to be with new people instead of Nancy whom also BS Arch-UP and a friend of mine, but later on I realized this two fits my kalog personality. :)
We also have this cute bag made of recycled tetra packs. We kid that these is the new trend. But I love this waterproof bag, I would even love to put my laptop here if only fits. :3
We are composed of 15 Young Professionals, from UP, PUP, UE Manila and Caloocan and TIP, and on the second day we're divided into 3 groups with different communities. One from Quezon City and two from Navotas. I'm assigned in the group that will stay in Tangos Navotas with two communities, Pantalan Uno and R. Domingo.
We took a photo after the last discussion on day 2

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