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YP Workshop 2011 Day 3

Oct. 21
Nervous what will happen on the third day because it was the day that we're going to our community immersion areas and I don't know what to expect and I have no idea what will happen to us. Though I already experienced going to communities like in Sitio Haduan, Aetas' community in Pampangga, 4 years ago I'm still nervous because unlike before we'll be staying on our sites this time for 3 days and 2 nights.

But before Navotas first we went to field sites with different housing projects. Two places are on our list SHEC Housing Project in Malibay, Pasay and GK Baseco Housing Project in Manila.
Cat in SHEC, don't know his name but he's so sweet, we played with him while waiting for the other group.
We are two groups with the same route, the other group is assigned to Quezon City so even there field sites is just located in QC.
One og the YPs played with my bag's accesory.
St. Hannibal Empowerment Center or SHEC is a religious organization of the Rogationists of the Heart Jesus, their main goal is to empower the people of Metro Manila. I'm really moved as they have discussed their mission, I felt that I also want to follow such motives.
They're already in their 3rd project but it was still under construction so they just let us see their 2nd which is also like the 3rd, I guess, was designed by TAO Pilipinas.

They had used Concrete Interlocking Blocks, an alternative material discussed on our seminar

Look how creative the people living here, this vines made the area cooler.

They even made the vines as sampayan(clothes hanger), really creative. :>

Next stop is in Gawad Kalinga or GK Baseco Compund in Manila, near the Manila South Harbor.

GK is a Community Development Foundation that helps poor Filipinos from poverty. They were well known as the group that builds home for the families in the slums.

GK head in Baseco, he narrates how they started and who are the people donated money for this project to be possible.

Playground in Baseco

We even play along, Alver the macho man
Tangos and Tanza group, (Sarah, Alver, Pao, Melody, Tina, Chris, me, Mharren, Alvin and Russ)

It's almost 2pm when we part ways going to our designated sites.
My first time in Navotas, I think

Still in van,  wonder'n what will happen to us.
On our way, we've seen this mountain bike pedicabs, indicating that we're already in Tangos.
As we arrived in our host family we just rest for a little minute and then proceed on site visit, first is Pantalan Uno.
Sea in Navotas, facing Cavite

pile of waste

The stilt that can be seen in the photo are left overs of houses that is formerly built here, they we're destroyed by the recent typhoon Pedring 

Narrating how Pedring destroyed their houses

Dried fish
Then R. Domingo.

Tatay Emerson, our host family in Pantalan Uno, with Nanay Rosa from R. Domingo. The girl in blue shirt is Melody, co-YP from TIP

Fire Hydrant in R. Domingo, first glance thought t'was just a piece of something because it's been buried in land.
R. Domingo is along the river.

Net of the fishermen in R. Domingo

Now on the corner of river and sea of Tangos.

Alver, co-YP and schoolmate, and Nanay Felipa of R. Domingo

Taking photo of my feet
As I take photo of my feet, Ate Verna from TAO took a photo of us
T'was a very tiresome day, but fulfilling and exciting. We de-stress ourselves by playing with Aya, our host family's niece.
Aya, a very cute and talkative baby

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