Tuesday, November 01, 2011

YP Workshop 2011 Day 4

Oct. 22
As TAO's initial purpose is technical assistant we YP's are assigned to share to the community what we had learned from our 2 days workshop. By discussing different disasters, climate change and how to prevent them. We also need to assist them on how to make their community safe and livable and what they should do in times of calamity.
The community let us use this multipurpose near the barangay hall.
Our learning tools.

Alver and Tina, practicing their part

Ate Verna and Mommy Faith, waiting for attendees

The people of R. Domingo

Pantalan Uno and R, Domingo ladies

Kuya from R. Domingo with a good hand writing

Ate Vern, writing certificates

Me, busy kuno

The one sided girls of Pantalan Uno

Emergency Plan

 After another very tiresome day, we relaxed by food tripping.
Mommy Faith treat us with ice cream! (Melody with a huge bite)

Still not satisfied, we bought isaw. :)

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