Tuesday, November 01, 2011

YP Workshop 2011 Day 5

Oct. 23

Our last day in Navotas, we felt sad living our site because we had fun staying there. Kuya Roy, tatay Emerson's son, offered us good food and a comfortable place to stay in, we didn't even feel that we are living in slums. We even had fun playing with their cute little babies, they have 3, in which two are siblings.
Trudis, our host family's dog 
Finally was able to take a shoot of their pedicab
We surely gonna miss this. :)

We leave Navotas before noon and had our lunch back at BSWM. It was almost our rest day, we just draw mural for every group and made a presentation for our mini defense the next day.

We used Pao and Alver's room, coz our room has been occupied by the Tanza group

Melody, making a video clip

Mural, almost finished

Pao, Te Verna(secretly helping us, because they wasn't suppose to help us), Tina and Alver

Tina and me slept at 3am while the others slept at 4am.

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