Wednesday, November 02, 2011

YP Workshop 2011 Day 6

Oct. 24
Our defense day, we have panel whom are deans from our own schools or our endorsers as we applied as YP. We just need to present what we gain from going to our immersion sites. 
Melody and kuya Roy

Tina, Pao and Alver
Tangos team, me, Alver, Pao, Melody, Tina, kuya Roy, nanay Rosa, nanay Felipa

Tanza team, Arvin in UP shirt

our mural

KV1(Quezon City)'s mural

Tanza's mural
Our lovely group, now with mommy Faith and te Verna
After the mini defense we had our group pictorial.
YPs!! Tina, Klervin, Dom, Arvin, Russ, Mharren, Glenn, Cris, me, Pao, Alver, Nancy, Sarah, Jessa and Melody
We also have individual reflection through an illustration or symbolism of all the things we've experienced in the workshop.
Sharing my emotions, been too onion skin that time, I drew a girl flying coz I feel like I'm in heaven :D
That night we had our R&R, rest and relax. :3 We spend the night with food and videoke. :))
Happy eating, last dinner for this workshop
I'm just a frame in this picture, but I love how happy our community representatives. :)
After the happy party, the YPs decided to sleep late and watch movie, we stayed and slept in one room. We watched "the hunting", not scary for me.
Blog! Nauntog ako.
Lazy face, I can still feel my head hurts

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